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Ashmira Holistic Treatments


Pure Alchemy

Youth Boosting Facial incorporating all 5 Elements, back exfoliation with acupressure and meridian massage, includes cacao and sound therapy.


Organic raw Ceremonial Cacao is drunk at the beginning of this treatment This superfood is said to have 40 times the antioxidants or blueberries, be a very high plant-based source of iron, be packed full of magnesium and have more calcium than cows milk! It is also claimed to be a great source of four scientifically proven happy chemicals - serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine. We include it at the start of our treatment to help you journey within and connect with your emotional heart to uplift, help heal your emotions and leave you with a feeling of uttermost bliss.


Unwind with this luxurious facial that helps to ease away your tension and stress to create inner harmony that will be reflected in your skin. Your back will be exfoliated with ground rice powder and then an acupressure and meridian massage helps stimulate and balance your emotions. Your face will then be deeply cleansed, receive two massages with tourmaline crystal powder and our special oil blends to balance yin and yang energies in your skin and help soften lines and wrinkles. Our facial cups help to remove toxins and after a personalised elemental mask and rose quartz rollers, your skin will be radiant and glowing with renewed energy.


The treatment that is so much more! Book now to enjoy a divine sensory immersion. Feel lifted in energy and skin tone.

BOOK NOW for only £140

to benefit from this beautiful 2 hour experience

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Pure Alchemy


We have had such amazing feedback on the NEW Pure Alchemy treatment. One of our clients left this feedback:-


"I’ve never experienced anything like this - so much more than a facial - this treatment was the next level in relaxation and escapism. Jane has always had the magical ability to ease away my worries and soothe anxieties and Pure Alchemy did this and so much more - I didn’t want it to end!


With oils chosen especially for me, the experience was a sensory journey - with layers of scent, each felt like my perfect aroma. Jane was in her element combing many areas of her expertise in a treatment that she truly believes in, because she sees how it leaves people like me feeling!


The journey began with ceremonial cocoa, the definition of a hug in a mug, packed with the most powerful antioxidants this was the most delicious and soothing hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted.


From massage, to facial and so much more, I felt like I was a in cocoon for the entire experience and left feeling serene with super soft skin and the most amazing lingering scents."

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Sonic Sounds Treatment

The Sonic Energy Treatment is a full body energy based clay massage that nourishes your soul through a journey of sound, vibration and energetic healing. The body is emersed in a blend of non setting pink clay and calming yin essential oils and then massaged with hands, sound forks and sound bowls.

Not only is the skin left beautifully soft and smooth from the nourishing and exfoliating properties of the pink clay, but the mind and spirit are left totally relaxed and rejuvenated from this beautiful wellness experience.

This February, don't miss out on this incredible wellness experience at an introductory special price!

Book Now for only £140

to benefit from this incredible wellness experience

Singing Bowl


Sonic Sounds


After giving this wonderful treatment, I was honored to receive this testimonial.


"Jane warmly invites you into the treatment room, creating a comforting sanctuary that induces immediate relaxation.


The resonating sounds and vibrations from the sound bowls and tuning fork permeated through my body, profoundly affecting both my mind and body. Combined with the unique pink clay massage experience, unlike any other I've had before, I drifted into a deeply relaxed, almost dreamy state.


Following the session, I felt refreshed, focused, and, as always, immensely grateful to Jane for the exceptional treatment."

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Five Elements Facial

To compliment the Pure Alchemy Treatment we are now thrilled to be offering the Five Elements Facial using the amazing Ashmira Botanica product range as a standalone treatment.


The Five Element facial will balance your own unique energies from the inside out.


Each facial imparts vitality and radiance to your skin as well as creating inner calm from within.

BOOK NOW for only £85

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