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Activate your drink with Crystal Clear energies


Embrace the healing properties of crystals with our NEW interchangeable Crystal Clear inserts. Simply unscrew the bottom of the bottle and replace your current crystal with one of our inserts, add water to create an elixir filled with natural energies.


Clear Quartz has the ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy. It is one of the purest elements and is considered a bringer of light. Its amplifying abilities, mean that whatever you pour into the stone is released up to tenfold. This stone may look pure and simple compared to the rest of the quartz family, but the power that radiates can spark memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back into balance. This crystal adapts to who you are and works in tandem with your mind, body and soul.


Each of our inserts come with refillable column and gems.



•  Made in China
•  Weight: 86.2 g (3 oz)

Crystal Clear Column Insert - Clear Quartz


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