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Designed to appeal to everyone, our Unisex Necklace features a weighty Moon phase Pendant inspired by the waxing and waning of the moon. We’ve added a beautiful iridescent cabochon moonstone to bring balance and harmony to busy lifestyles.


Handmade in sterling silver and brass, our Unisex Moonstone Necklace stands out against business and casual attire. It captures all seven moon phases as it takes its orbital dance across the midnight sky, bringing subtle shimmer to every ensemble. Treat the man or woman you love to this enchanting moon necklace. It’s the perfect jewellery gift.


  • Sterling silver. cabochon Rainbow Moonstone (0.4cm)
  • Adjustable silver snake chain in 16-18"
  • Disc dimensions: 1.5cm diameter

Moon Phase Necklace - Silver


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