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I became enemies with my skin as soon as I hit puberty. My T zone was greasy and spotty but my chin in particular regularly sported boils, carbuncles or angry lumps.

Over the years I fought back with a range of off the shelf products with varying levels of success but my chin was only improved by medical interventions, none of which were permanent.  

Although things improved slightly as I hit my 20s, I still found myself calling in sick at work or refusing to get out of the car because I was embarrassed by how I looked. Then, just as I didn’t think I could be any more unattractive, my skin became sensitive to everything I put on it. My upper and lower eyelids became itchy, flaky and so red they looked scorched. My lips cracked constantly. On the rare occasions I smiled, they split and bled.  I resorted to washing my face in water and using coconut oil as a moisturiser because it was the only thing that didn’t bring on a now familiar stingy itch.  I honestly felt like I would be ugly forever. Until I was told about Enyaj and their amazing range of Environ products.

On my first meeting with Jane she promised to help me and she’s kept that promise for the last 2 and a half years. She started to treat my skin from the inside with Accumax supplements to keep my hormones in check and help prevent the breakouts. She gave me Omega oil capsules to hydrate from within and started me on a gentle facial wash which I would follow up with an AVST moisturiser and Colostrum Gel to help deal with the surface issues.  After using the face wash and creams for a few days I waited for the sting around my eyes. It never came.  


Over the last two years I have followed the skin care plan Jane created for me, slowly increasing my vitamin A absorption with the range of AVST moisturisers and introducing skin vitality supplements, an anti pollution masque and a roller into my routine as well as other gorgeous Environ products. My eyes and lips love it, the spots have become a rare occasion blemish and my skin feels AMAZING!! I used to wear foundation on a daily basis and wouldn’t leave the house without covering my face in concealers but now the only make up I use is a bit of mascara and eyeliner, if that! Jane and Environ restored my confidence and my beauty. HF

Just to say thank you for the recommendation of the new environ anti pollution masque.  

Having had a break out around my chin due to the constant mask wearing, I tried this new product and literally overnight my face dried up, after just one application !  I am delighted.  I shall continue to use two or three times a week as my skin felt really soft and smooth afterwards.

I am forever grateful to you for you ongoing advice and knowledge.  GL

I can totally recommend the Collagen Power Facial treatment, along with the Environ products. I have been using them for several years and on revisiting the skin analysis last week against the analysis six years ago my lines have reduced. Give it a try with Jane at Enyaj Spa and see the results for yourself. MB 

I have been a client of Jane at Enyaj salon now for more that 15 years. During that time Jane has built a well established and successful business, with many long standing repeat clients - which is testimony in itself to the quality of the service she provides.


Jane is a first class therapist in her specialised field of holistic and anti-ageing beauty treatments for face, body and mind.  She has gained an extensive understanding of her craft and has the ability to apply this to the individual needs of her clients, providing them with a tailored and unique experience.


The salon at East Clyst House is an oasis of calm and Jane has created an welcoming environment where her clients can relax and enjoy the extensive range of treatments offered, leaving feeling wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.


I always look forward to my monthly visits to Enyaj enormously and would not hesitate to recommend Jane and the salon at East Clyst to anyone. JC

I first stumbled across Jane maybe 11 years ago and have followed her wherever she had taken Enyaj Spa since. 

Jane offers not only a gold standard of professionalism, outstanding knowledge of every area of her work and amazing treatments in a warm and tranquil environment, but she also offers a high standard of care and love for her clients that you don’t often find elsewhere. 


I thoroughly recommend everyone to go and visit Jane, you’ll be hooked, just as I am. Thank you for all your hard work and care Jane. BK

As a long standing customer of Enyaj Spa, I am delighted to recommend Jane to you. Her professional, friendly and top quality service, coupled with an in depth knowledge of treatments and products means everything is tailored to your needs. I always feel revitalised and special after visiting Enyaj! AG

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