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Lashus Lift & Tint


The Lashus Lash Lift treatment aims to provide a dramatic boost to lashes

Starting with a pre-treatment consultation to discuss your desired result and a skin test.


The next step is a gentle and relaxing pre-treatment eye area cleanse to remove make-up and impurities, preparing the lashes for lifting. 

The preferred shield is placed before the Lift Lotion is carefully applied, followed by the Fix Lotion, which creates the lasting lift. The lifting takes 10 minutes on normal lashes and 12 minutes on coarse or stubborn lashes. 

Unlike other lifting treatments, the Lashus offers a lower, as well as upper, lash tint that is available in a dark intense blue/black hue for added drama. Lashes appear thicker and longer after the treatment and results will last for approximately eight weeks.

before and after lashus lift
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