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The power of proto-col products - Inside Out Approach

Proto-col are a British brand delivering results-driven skincare and wellness innovation.

Science guides their research and development and in turn, informs our use of collagen and its proven ability to support the natural ageing process. This inside-out approach delivers results you can see, feel and trust.

What is Proto-col collagen?

Collagen is a vital skin protein; it is nature’s own ingredient for keeping our bodies firm, springy and supple. You’ll find collagen not only in skin but in your nails, connective tissues, bones, muscles and blood vessels. It is essential for tissue repair, joint health and cell regeneration. Described by their founder James as “the glue that holds us together”, collagen is also crucial as a structural protein. It affects the way that we look, feel and move.

The signs of collagen loss

While collagen occurs in many parts of the body, it is our faces that help us to most easily gauge the state of our collagen levels.

Signs of collagen loss in our skin include:

  • Increase in fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sagging skin and poor skin elasticity.

  • Dry skin that lacks vitality.

  • Cellulite.

  • Slow recovery from skin damage, including acne.

How collagen supplements help The results from clinical studies on VERISOL® – the collagen formulation used in our ingestible beauty capsules and drinks - show that collagen supplements can support skin wellbeing. Ingesting collagen capsules or drinks boosts collagen levels in the body. The key benefit is from the body sensing an abundance of collagen in the system and believing that collagen is being lost. The brain reacts by triggering the production of more collagen and the net result is that extra collagen is available to support skin and tissue renewal.

Collagen Shot 10000mg

Take this delicious blood orange flavour Proto-col Clinical Collagen Shot Blood Orange daily to reveal a more youthful looking you! It contains Verisol, known as an active and unique blend of Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which has been clinically proven to improve skin’s elasticity, volume and plumpness.

Benefits of Proto-col Clinical Collagen Shot Blood Orange:

Reduces depth of wrinkle volume

Repairs & restores collagen levels

Reduced appearance of cellulite

10000mg of collagen peptides per shot Support the health of skin, hair & nails

Gluten free Lactose free Dairy free

Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid

A special blend of hyaluronic acid and bioactive collagen peptides specially formulated to visibly improve skin, hair and nails. Rich in bioactive collagen peptides. With added hyaluronic acid Formulated for healthy skin, hair and nails

This food supplement features VERISOL ®, a unique blend of type I and type III collagen peptides of bovine origin. A daily dose of four capsules delivers 2500mg of collagen.

This collagen is partnered with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that is key to maintaining optimum skin hydration.

Gluten free Lactose free Dairy free


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